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How To Choose The Best Retention Eyelash Adhesive

If you are a lash artist growing your business, then you understand that your products are the bread and butter to your growth . To have clients constantly rebooking with you, your lash retention has to be top of mind. Although there are many variables to having the best retention, there is no doubt that your adhesive plays a critical role. With so many eyelash technicians searching for the best retention eyelash adhesive we want to share important tips on choosing your adhesive.

What is an Eyelash Extension Adhesive?

 The eyelash extension adhesive is the bond that allows your lash extensions to stick to your natural eyelashes. Generally, the lash extension adhesive is made from two components:

  1. 5% to 10% of complex compounds, such as colorant, accelerator, hardening, thicker, and stabilizer.

  2. 90% to 95% of Cyanoacrylate which acts as your binder.

Keep in mind, the formulation of eyelash extension adhesive is completely different from strip eyelash glue and this is why it is only to be used by professional eyelash technicians only. With complex components working together to maximize lash bond, it is important to understand how to store lash extension glue to maximize your retention.

What is the Shelf-Life of Eyelash Extension Glue?

Generally, the shelf-life of lash extension glue is 3 to 6 months when not opened and one month after its seal has broken.

Since air exposure plays a huge role in the shelf life, our eyelash extension adhesive is sealed. Once the bottle is punctured, storage is key to prolonging the shelf life. We recommend storing our glue in a climate controlled area not exceeded 70° F (if refrigerated we recommend 50° F  ) and a humidity controlled environment. Each one of our eyelash adhesives comes with packaging that includes a silica packet. Store your adhesive in these packaging for the best retention.

Factors to Consider While Shopping for the Eyelash Extension Adhesive?

While shopping for the best retention eyelash adhesive, there are two crucial factors that you must consider. Let's learn more about these elements:


Choose an adhesive that works with your lash environment. Each adhesive has an optimal

temperature and humidity level. If you rent a suite, your temperature is probably regulated. If you have a regulated temperature, you want to focus on an adhesive that is in the range of your lash room temperature. If you work from home or a place where you regulate your temperature, you have a little more flexibility when it comes to adhesives.

In higher humidity, eyelashes adhesive cures quickly. Review the humidity in your work environment to ensure you are in the range of your adhesive. The great thing about humidity is that this can be altered by humidifiers and dehumidifiers to a certain degree. If you are having trouble with getting high humidity in your workspace, think about purchasing a low humidity eyelash adhesive.  Investing in your equipment is the sure way to control your climate for you.


If you are new to the art of eyelash extension, you will take a longer time than someone who is experienced. It is always better to start off with an adhesive that has a lower dry time. This will allow you to focus on perfecting placement for the best retention. As you become more comfortable and confident in applying eyelash extensions, you can invest in an eyelash adhesive with a faster curing time.

Since there are so many kinds of adhesives, jot down your requirements for your work environment. Pay attention to temperature, humidity, and dry times to ensure you have the best eyelash adhesive for you. When in doubt, focus on a wide range humidity and temperature glue like our ultra plus adhesive. Our Ultra plus adhesive is ideal for beginners and advanced lash techs because of its versatility in climate and speed. The best retention eyelash adhesive really does depend on matching what you need and what your product can offer.