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1 How long does your strip eyelashes last?

With Proper Care you can reuse our lashes 25-30 times

2 How do i keep the shape of my lashes?

We designed a durable and reusable box that will keep your mink lashes safe from debris, wear and tear. After each usage you should place the lashes in the box to maintain the shape and preserve the lash style.

3 How do i clean my lashes?

First, carefully remove any glue residue from the lash band. Using our lash shampoo mixed witha table spoon of warm water , soak your lashes for up to 5 mins to loosen debris before using the brush to cleanse lashes. Air dry and comb out your falsies with the wand included.

4 Can i use the Ultra + Adhesive for my False eyelashes?

No. Our Ultra + Adhesive is for professional eyelash technicians only and should never touch the skin.