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Professional Eye Lash Technician | Educator | Skin Revision Therapist

“Blaq Label Essentials was created to empower individuals with quality eye essentials that enhanced and defined all eye shapes comfortably. Before I understood anything about makeup, I knew that enhancing my eyes gave me a heightened sense of confidence to put my best foot forward. With the right pair of false eyelashes, I was able to make noticeable statements in any room I walked in. From job interviews to a night out with my girls, there was a lash style that made my first impression a memorable one. My hope is that Blaq Label Essentials gives you the self assurance you need to be the best version of you.

Why Blaq Label?

Blaq Label started with 5 styles...

of versitile lashes. I was passionate about including a lash style that enhanced all eye shapes with comfort and quality in mind. The passion of eye enhancement only grew as I increased my skills doing eyelash extension services. I was able to listen to my clients goals and tailor a lash style just for their eyeshape. Nothing give me more satisfaction than watching a clients reaction after enhancing their eyes.

I am so proud at how far Blaq label has come and even more excited about where we are going. With compliments and recommendations by multiple artists near and far, I hope our products and/or services help you make unforgettable statements.