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Diy: Colored Falsies a good D.I.Y like we do? Using our Finesse lashes, @NicoleLomastro shows us how she colors her lashes to create the ultimate statement in Blaq Label Essentials.

What you will need

1. Blaq Label Falsies
2. Concealer
3. Flat Brush
4. A loose pigment
5. Makeup Pan

Follow these steps

1. On a flat surface, use your flat brush and pat concealer on your falsies (For light colors, use a light concealer).

2. Full-coverage of concealer is needed for this look. Ideally your concealer should spread from lash band to
hair tip.

3. Take your pigmented eyeshadow color and pat your lashes with the loose powder. Continue this step until you get the desired color pay-off.

4. Apply lash glue to your lash band and turn heads!

Click the link and get inspired!